Saiga Shotgun Barrel Shrouds

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Barrel Shroud/ Brake Adapter Protector Vented CSS BARREL SHROUD - MUZZLE BRAKE ADAPTER "VENTED SLOTS" - SAIGA 12 & VEPR 12

Made in the USA-Allows you to use a barrel shroud and a Muzzle brake together.

Price: $102.95

Saiga 12 Vepr 12 Shotguns Raptor Claw Barrel Shroud Protector Vented CSS RAPTOR CLAW BARREL SHROUD - 2 Tone Black Annodized

Threads on to the factory threads of your Saiga/Vepr 12 to reduce recoil and keep your barrel cool.

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $90.00
YOU SAVE $9.95!

Saiga 410 barrel shroud adapter Saiga 12 410 BARREL SHROUD ADAPTER KIT - INSTALL BARREL SHROUD ON Saiga 410

This kit allows to use any CSS Saiga 12 Barrel Shroud on your Saiga 410.

Price: $19.95