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FAQ About Bullet Guides

Why do I need a bullet guide?

-Bullet guides are only needed if you are going to use standard AK magazines on your Saiga or Vepr rifles.

-You must also remove a small amount of material from the top of your guns magazine latch where the latch locks in the magazine to use AK mags.

-If you are buying SGM magazines we sell, you do not need a bullet guide for them to work properly.

If I install a bullet guide can I still use my Factory mags?

-Yes, the factory magazines will still work with the bullet guide installed. You must shave the top front edge of the magazine where it touches the bullet guide so the magazine can lock into the magwell.

How do I know which bullet guide my rifle needs?

-If you have a 7.62 rifle, you will need a 7.62 Bullet guide. 223 rifles take 223 bullet guides. 5.45 Rifles need the 5.45 Bullet guides.

-Now there are 2 bullet guides for each caliber. Round and Flat.

-You must match the contour of the trunnion where the bullet guide sits.

(There is a picture showing the difference on each bullet guide product page)

-A Round trunnion is smooth and slightly curved.

-A Flat trunnion has a notch(cut out) where the bullet guides sits down in.

-Both are easy to install if you take your time. Small taps break easily if you force them. (We have an installation Video on each bullet guide product page)

-All of our bullet guides have a lip on the back that slides under the barrel.

-All bullet guides will hang over the edge of the trunnion slightly except for the 7.62 Flat. This bullet guide will sit flush the edge of the trunnion.