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FAQ About Vepr

I have a VEPR rifle, do I need the VEPR Rifle trigger group?

This depends on the model. We recommend that you use this trigger group for both the VEPR 762x54R and the VEPR 308 caliber rifles.

How can I get a folding stock on my Vepr 12?

The only replacement part that will work on the Vepr 12 with the folding stock is our adapter. With this adapter you can bolt on any M4 buffer tube and collapsible stock.

Which Krebs custom safety should I buy that requires the least modification to fit my Vepr12?

There are three KREBs model safeties on our website. The Mark VI is for all AK47s and also will work on VEPR rifles and Shotguns (but not ambidextrous VEPR Shotguns with the left side safety). The Mark VI-S is for all Saiga rifles and shotguns. The "S" model stands for “Saiga” and it has the detent in the same location as the original factory Saiga safety detent so you will not add another scratch to your receiver. The Mark VI detent is not in the same location, but otherwise these 2 safeties are the same. The Mark VII is the same as the Mark VI except it has a thumb/index lever. The Mark VII will fit all AK47, Saiga’s and VEPRs, but the location of the detent will not match the Saiga detent and you will have a second scratch line on your Saiga if you use this. None of these safeties will fit the VEPR Shotgun with the ambidextrous left side safety.

Stocks for VEPR Slant Cut Receivers

Every type of AK stock will work with a slight modification. You have 2 options. The standard internal block allows you to bolt on any bolt on type of stock (CSS raptor, TROMIX, ACE, DPH) including M4 style Stocks (using a pig nose adapter). The slant cut sleeve adapter allows you to use standard AK style stocks that normally bolt to the tang. These stocks will be larger than the hole in the sleeve and will need minor fitting to be installed in your VEPR.

Stocks for Vepr Straight Cut Receivers

You can install any type of stock on this type of VEPR. You will need a receiver block for the bolt on style stocks but otherwise all the stocks will attach without receiver blocks. For M4 style stocks, use the CSS AK adapter buffer tube. You can use AK47 stocks like the Phoenix Kicklite, Tapco T6, Tapco Folder, Tapco Original, Kvar Nato and Warsaw stocks which will install on the Vepr receiver. The Vepr receiver is slightly thicker than a Saiga or AK47 so you will need to modify these stocks by removing a very small amount of material from each side of the stocks insert in order for it tovslide into the receiver.
This can be done easily in a few minutes with a dremel tool sanding drum, a razor knife or a file.