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FAQ About Magazines Drums

Will drums work with the JTE Magwell?

The JTE Magwell will not work with any drums.

For mags for the Legion Saiga 12, do you start with Saiga mags or VEPR mags?

For the Legion model Saiga, there are two types, one with a factory magwell and one without the magwell. For the magwell version, use VEPR12 magazines, for the non magwell version use Saiga 12 magazines.

Why should I get a magwell and do I need to do anything with my magazines?

It is much easier to load a magazine on your Saiga12 if you use a Magwell. A magazine loaded into the Magwell requires about 90% less force to lock it into position. The magazine is inserted straight in which disperses the pressure across the top of the first round evenly to compress the magazine spring, as compared to the rock and lock style which places all the pressure on the tip of the first round trying to compress the spring unevenly. Saiga 12 magazines must be modified like the product page shows to work in the Magwell.

I am having issues with the feed on my 410 Magazines

410 ammo has many variances in shell size and lengths. The magazine manufacturer has found they work best with the list below. Note: the magazine is designed to work only with 3" shells that do not exceed 2.7".

American Eagle – Bernaul – Brown Bear – Federal – Fiocchi – Golden Tiger – Hornady – New Lake City – Remington – Seller & Bellot – Speer – Ultramax – UMC – V Max – Winchester– Wolf.

What sort of modifications are necessary for the magazines offered for the Legion Saiga? Is there any way for me to order magazines that have been properly modified by your company for a premium?

The adjustment is pretty easy and should not require a gunsmith. If you have a dremel tool sanding bit you can shave off an amount of material to match the factory mag. Hold them together and use the factory mag as a template to mark your new mag. Then remove the material a little at a time and test fit as you go.

When will the 25 round drum for the VEPR 12 be available for purchase?

We do not know as of now, SGM is working on this new drum.