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FAQ About Conversions

I have converted my Saiga 308 and now my Safety does not work.

Normally the Saiga 308 safety will work in a converted weapon. However, with the linkage that the Saiga 308 uses, the manufacturer hand grinds the bottom side of the safety in order for it to work in the factory weapon. Sometimes they grind off too much metal and it doesn’t work in the converted Saiga 308. You need to either get a new safety or have a weld shop add a drop of metal to the bottom of the safety and then file it to fit.

How is the Saiga 308 Conversion different from Saiga 12 Conversion?

Our video shows you how to do conversions on a Saiga 12 shotgun. A 308 conversion will be identical except there are no side rivets on the receiver and the bottom plate removal is different. To remove the bottom plate, drill the 2 rivets out (front and back). Pull the back section of the plate down away from the receiver. It will fold at the 2 spot welds in the middle. I then use a chisel or flat screw driver between the plate and receiver resting against the spot welds. Hit the chisel hard with hammer and it will break the welds and pop free.

Saiga 12 failure to eject after trigger group installation.

The hammer profile of the Tapco hammer in the kits has a slightly taller profile compared to the factory hammer. This requires slightly more force from the carrier to pass over the hammer pushing it down. If you have a gun that is borderline cycling light loads you will need to either add another gas port to the barrel, use the reliability kit or use heavier ammo. Make sure you are NOT using Winchester "Universal" ammo from Walmart. This is the weakest ammo available in bulk. Federal or Remington bulk packs are stronger.

I have done a conversion and my trigger is not resetting?

This is normally caused by the hammer (Main) spring not sitting squarely on the back of the trigger. Please verify that both spring arms are sitting squarely on the very back of the trigger to create enough pressure to reset the trigger. Sometimes you will find with the right spring arm that it requires a small bend in the arm half down to force the arm outward which will make the arm stay in place if it keeps moving to the middle of the trigger.

Why is my hammer not resetting?

There 2 things that would cause the hammer to not reset.

1. The hammer is upside down. Check it is facing the right way.

2. Verify the Disconnect spring is properly installed, sitting inside the Sear.