BARWARUS AK74 24x1.5RH STORM MUZZLE BRAKE - BW-040 Made in Russia (Work with for 556, 545 and 762 calibers)

AK74 24x1.5RH STORM

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Muzzle Brake for AK74: STORM

Barwarus muzzle device STORM is a jet blast muzzle brake for AK74-based rifles (with M24x1.5RH threading and calibers 5.45x39 or 5.56/.223) NOTE: Also suitable for 762x39 caliber.

The expanding powder gas creates a jet propulsion effect similar to the effect produced by an aircraft engine. The jet blast muzzle brake has side ports (gills) that are designed in such a way that when the powder gas passes along the muzzle, part of the powder gas returns back, thereby “pushing” the weapon forward to reduce the recoil momentum. The concept is somewhat similar to the operation of a jet engine. In other words, when the bullet leaves the barrel, the recoil momentum makes the gun move rearward. When firing a gun equipped with a muzzle brake, the exhaust gases partially compensate for the recoil momentum and reduce the force of impact on the shooter's shoulder.

Additional side ports also provide the discharge of powder gases and relieve the inner pressure.

The muzzle brake is designed for a standard rifle grip, but not for a sport grip. In the standard grip, the shooter's left arm is bent, while the shooter holds on to the rifle handguard close to the magazine. Thus, the recoil can be compensated more effectively when a shooter uses an appropriate standard grip rather than a sport grip.

Bulldog and Cayman muzzle brakes are more suitable for a sport grip as they almost completely discharge exhaust gases. There are special holes at the muzzle brake end to fix a broken wire, which can be broken later with a shot. We added this feature in accordance with the requirements of the Special Rapid Deployment Force units.

This strong and extremely durable muzzle brake is made of steel and retains its flawless quality for years.

The product has a two-layer coating (oxide coating + powder coating) that can withstand high temperature fluctuations and does not reflect light. Besides, it is rather pleasant to the touch.

5.45 cal., 5.56 (.223) and 762x39
M24x1.5 RH thread

Three chamber design;
High-strength steel;
Protective coating.

Reduced recoil;
Faster shooting;
Reduced stirring up;
Increased accuracy at fire in ripples and series.

DIMENSIONS: 104х28х28 mm, WEIGHT: 0.134 kg