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  Saiga 223 10rd Magazine
SGM Tactical SAIGA Rifle  223 Surefire 10rd Mag Magazine

Price: $25.95

Stock Status:

SKU#: SGM-223-10RD-MAG

New Saiga 223 10 round high capacity polymer magazines are completely manufactured in the USA.
US Made from a premium DuPont Zytel blended polymer, extremely rigid and durable in the harshest conditions.
Springs are coated for rust protection. All magazine have horizontal ridges on the outside.
Allows you to remove the floor plate, cut under another ridge, replace the SAME floor plate to make a shorter magazine if desired.
Very well made reliable magazines.
All mags have last round bolt open feature.
One mag counts as 3-922R compliant Parts. Each mag has a manufacturer warranty of 5 years. Dependability second to none.

Magazine restrictions-We will not ship any mags over:
10 rounds to NY or CA
15 rounds to NJ
20 rounds to MA
No mag sales to DC

By purchasing and requesting these magazines to be shipped, you are stating that it is 100% legal for you to RECEIVE & OWN them!